SIP Network

When you develop your skills and receive support to achieve your goals,
you can accomplish just about anything.
~Maureen Schuerman, CFRE

Join the Success In Philanthropy Network (SIP Network)
The Success In Philanthropy Network is a community of fundraisers who support each other to make an even bigger difference.  We are united by a common passion to make the world a better place through fundraising.

Will I Enjoy Being a Member of the SIP Network?

You will really enjoy being a member of the Network if:

ImportantTechnical Requirements for Network Meetings

How the SIP Network Works

The SIP Network is based on the proven model that you are more likely to reach your goals and enjoy the ups and downs of your journey if you:

  1. Invest in developing your skills and
  2. Belong to a supportive community of people who want to achieve similar goals.

Why Nonprofits Should Invest in the Professional Development of Fundraisers

The Success In Philanthropy Network is professional development that helps your fundraising staff be even more successful.

How to Join the SIP Network

The Success In Philanthropy Network is devoted to giving you the professional and personal tools to be even more successful as a fundraiser.