We help ambitious nonprofit leaders make an even bigger impact.
~Maureen Schuerman

Make It Happen

You have a vision. It is so large that it will transform the scope of your organization’s impact. You are used to pursuing big goals, but not everyone on your front lines is ready for this huge step. My team and I can be your driver – the ones you can trust to train and empower your staff and volunteers to develop the resources that are needed.

We are your trusted partners so your vision has the revenue it needs, whether it is a large campaign, a social enterprise or a high impact marketing plan to increase your earned income.

When your staff and volunteers have the skills and the support to reach their goals, they can accomplish just about anything – especially your organization’s big vision.

Capital and Endowment Campaigns
Exceed your campaign goal
Generate more revenue
Social Enterprise
Create new income streams

Strategic Planning
Create a dynamic plan
Keynote Speeches
Excite and motivate your attendees
Inspire your stakeholders